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Cooking with Herbs
and Wild Foods

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For barbeques, lay herb branches on the grill where they are in direct contact with the food for more intense flavor or put them directly in the fire for a smokey herb flavor.

Basic Herb Jelly
This recipe can be doubled.

The basis for herb jelly is to make a strong tea and use it along with other ingredients. You can follow the directions for making jelly from a liquid such as orange or apple juice according the pectin maker's instructions besides using the recipe posted here.

2 cups herb infusion
¼ cup vinegar
4½ cups sugar
food coloring (optional)
½ bottle Certo liquid pectin

Pour 2½ cups boiling water onto 1 cup fresh chopped herbs (or 4 tbsp dried). Steep for a minimum of 15 minutes, then strain and measure 2 cups into a large pot. Add vinegar and sugar and cook over high heat while stirring constantly. When sugar is dissolved, add coloring (if desired). When mixture comes to a boil, add the pectin. Bring it to a full rolling boil and continue while stirring for 1 full minute. Remove from heat, skim off foam and pour into sterile jars and seal.

©1999 by Ernestina Parziale, CH