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To Preserve Candied Stems Candied Leaves Preserved Roots

on this pageTo Preserve Angelica

The first two methods are quite old and are taken from Francatelli's Cook's Guide.

Method #1:

Cut in pieces 4-inches long. Steep for 12 hours in salt and water. Put a layer of cabbage or cauliflower leaves in a clean brass pan, then a layer of Angelica, then another layer of leaves and so on, finishing with a layer of leaves on the top. Cover with water and vinegar. Boil slowly till the Angelica becomes quite green, then strain and weigh the stems. Allow 1 lb loaf sugar to each pound of stems. Put the sugar in a clean pan with water to cover; boil 10 minutes and pour this syrup over the Angelica. Stand for 12 hours. Pour off syrup, boil it up for 5 minutes and pour it again over the Angelica. Repeat the process and after the Angelica has stood in the syrup 12 hours, put all on the fire in a brass pan and boil till tender. Then take out the pieces of Angelica, put them in a jar and pour the syrup over them, or dry them on a sieve and sprinkle them with sugar; they then form a candy.

Method #2:
Cut the tubes of stalks into 6-inch lengths; wash them, then put them into a copper preserving pan with hot syrup; cover the surface with vine leaves and set the whole to stand in the larder till next day. The Angelica must then be drained on a sieve, the vine leaves thrown away, half a pint of water added to the syrup, in which, after it has been boiled, skimmed, and strained into another pan, and the copper pan has been scoured clean, both the Angeica and the boiling syrup are to be replaced and the surface covered with fresh vine leaves, and again left to stand in this state till the next day. This process must be repeated 3 or 4 days running. The end of which time the Angelica will be sufficiently green and done through and should be put into jars without breaking the tubes. After the syrup has been boiled and skimmed, fill up the jars, and when they are become cold, cover them with a bladder and paper and them be kept in a very cool temperature.

Method #3:
Choose young stems, cut them into suitable lengths, then boil till tender. When this stage is reached, remove from water and strip off the outer skin, then return to the water and simmer slowly till the whole has become very green. Dry the stems and weigh them, allowing one pound of white sugar to every pound of Angelica. The boiled stalks should be laid in an earthenware pan and the sugar sprinkled over them, allowing the whole to stand for a couple of days. Then boil all together. When well boiling, remove from the fire and turn into a colander to drain off the superfluous syrup. Take a little more sugar and boil to a syrup again, then throw in the Angelica and allow it to remain for a few minutes, and finally spread on plates in a cool oven to dry.

on this pageCandied Leaves

Use smaller young leaves. Place leaves in skillet in boiling water. When tender, drain and spread them out on the bottom of plates. Open them and lay them on top of one another till plate is full. Boil sugar and water till a pretty thick syrup and pour over leaves. Allow to stand for 2 or 3 days, heating now and then in a medium oven briefly. Lay them on glasses one by one and sift sugar on and singly dry them in the sun (or dehydrator). When dry, lay in boxes with paper between each layer of leaves.

on this pageCandied Stems

Method #1:

Use young stems or leaf stalks. Cut into short lengths. Simmer in a little water till tender green. Dry and weigh. Use equal weight of sugar to sprinkle on stems in a shallow dish and leave them for 2 days. Boil the mixture, drain, make more syrup in the same way and reboil the stems for 10 minutes. Remove and spread to dry on a rack. Must be dried thoroughly or will mold. Store in air-tight containers between greaseproof paper.

Method #2:
Cut broad green angelica stems into pieces about one-half inch wide and 2 inches long. Simmer in a syrup of 2 cups sugar to 2 cups water for 2 minutes. Drain and put in refrigerator for 4 days, reserving syrup. Put angelica back into the syrup and cook again for 20 minutes at 238°F till the syrup candies the herb (it might take a third time to candy). Drain and thoroughly dry. Store tightly covered. Useful as decorations for wedding and holiday fruitcakes.

Method #3:
Cut angelica in early summer using young tender stems and thick leaf ribs. Slice into 2-inch lengths. Put in pan with water to cover and simmer till tender. Lift out and peel off bitter outer skin with a sharp knife. Return to pan and simmer for a few minutes more till they become bright green. Lift out and drain thoroughly. Weigh stems and lay them in a single layer in a shallow pan or tray. To each pound of stems use 2 cups of sugar and 2/3 cup of water. Put sugar and water in a heavy pan and stir together till sugar is dissolved. Boil to a thick syrup. Pour this over the stems and leave overnight. Pour syrup back into a pan the next day (will be watery). Boil it up again till thick, then pour it over the stems. Repat this 4 times over 4 days till liquid is all absorbed. Sprinkle stems with more sugar till thoroughly coated, then leave in an airy place to dry on a rack and cover with muslin to protect from insects. Stems must be left till thoroughly dry or will mold later. Store in airtight container between layers of wax paper. Good decoration for cakes.

Method #4:
2 cups angelica roots and young stems
½ cup salt
2 cups boiling water
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
1 tbsp lemon juice

Place angelica in a bowl and cover with the salt and boiling water. Let sit 24 hours then drain, peel, and wash in cold water. Cook the sugar in the water to 238°F. Add Angelica and lemon juice and cook 20 minutes. Drain angelica and put syrup aside. Place angelica on a rack in a cool dark place for 4 days and refrigerate the syrup. Then combine the syrup and the herb and cook to 238°F or till candied. Drain on a rack till thoroughly dry. Store in a tightly covered container.

on this pagePreserved Roots

Wash and slice thinly; let them steep in water for 3 days changing water daily. Set all night in a pot over low heat (crockpot) and in morning drain off water. Use 2 lbs sugar and 2 quarts water to each pound of root and boil them in it. When boiled enough, remove and continue to simmer syrup till good and thick. Fill jars with root and syrup. Seal and allow to cool.

©1998 by Ernestina Parziale, CH