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Bistort Pudding
Source: A Modern Herbal by Maude Grieve (Dover Publications)

Allow about 1½ lb of Bistort to 3 lb of Nettles. A few leaves of Black currant and Yellow dock may be added and a sprig of parsley. Wash the vegetables thoroughly (in salt and water in the last rinsing), then chop them fairly fine. Place in a bowl and mix in about a teacupful of barley (washed and soaked), half a teacupful of oatmeal, salt and pepper to flavor and if liked, a bunch of chives mixed. Boil the whole in a bag for about 2½ hours to allow the barley to get thoroughly cooked. The bag should be tied firmly, for while the greens shrink, the barley swells. Turn out into a very hot bowl, add a lump of butter and a beaten egg; the heat of the pudding is sufficient to cook the egg.

©1999 by Ernestina Parziale, CH