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Links I Love

Important Stuff!
!Protect yourself from identity theft!
Government website with lots of tips on how to prevent the worst from happening to you.

Food & Food Safety
!Home Canning
!Food Preservation
!Food Safety/Home Canning
!Canning tips and recipes from Kitchen Krafts
!All about Pears - Got a bumper crop of pears? Here's the place to go.
!Ball Canning Corp.
!Cheese Making Supplies
!New England Cheesemaking Supply Co.
!Walnut Acres Organic Food Catalog
!Recipes, recipes, recipes - Great recipe site
!Potatoes/Recipes and Nutrition Info
!All About Eggs/Recipes and Info
!All About Mushrooms/Recipes and Info
!Colavita - Lots of great recipes for healthful eating using Colavita olive oil.
!The Canning Pantry - Equipment, supplies, info
!What's Cooking America - More great info on cooking with herbs; recipes

!Schools of Herbalism

Healthy House/Home
!Healthy House Institute
!Greenbuilder - building supplies
!Pesticides information
!Kokopelli's Green Market - Great natural product choices, good prices, excellent service, quick delivery
!Tribal Trading Company - Earth friendly products

Alternative Heating
!Ja-Ran Ent. - Corn furnace)
!J & H Ind. Ltd - Furnace burns grain)
!Charmaster wood furnaces

Relevant Journalism
!Countryside - Reader written bi-monthly journal on self-reliance, creative leisure, and family nurture
!Adbusters - The truth about those "green", "organic" labels; what is and what isn't)
!Ode Magazine - My favorite - a magazine for intelligent optimists
- reports on the good things people are doing to make the world a better place)

Web Page Building
!Register with Lycos
!Free Guestbook for your site
!Great selection of free clipart
!Wizard of Draws Clipart
!Free Graphics

!PCMike to the rescue
Computer giving you grief? Try an expert for the answer.)

!Track hurricanes and other big storms
(Great learning site for kids as well as adults)

!Home Schooling (high school level)

Home & Family
!Herbalware, essential oils and other items useful in the home
!Free Stuff

!Denver Fabrics - Rug Hooking Wool - Rug hooking wool at discounted prices. Also rug hooking books and supplies.
!Crafting with gourds
!Stenciling how-to
!Stenciling with cream paints
!Free craft patterns
!More free patterns - all types
!Not free, but good prices and you can download the patterns
!Free soap recipe from Elaine C. White
!Learn soapmaking

!Spray-N-Grow - organic gardening and home products
!Online Herb Catalog from Lingle's Herbs
!Richter's/Herb Plants and Seeds - Best source for herb plants and seeds!
!Well-sweep Herb Farm - Another great source for plants!
!Good gardening site for beginners to experts - where gardeners share info
!Plants by mail
(Who's good - who's not!)
!Seed Savers Exchange
!Plant Savers Org.

!Homevet - Alt Med for dogs

Good Things
!Got time to help someone else?
(Check this one out.)

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