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Seed Germination Chart

Some Abbreviations Used
A: Annual - a plant which lives one year only from seed.
P: Perennial - a plant which comes back every year.
H: Indicates a plant hardy in northern zones.
T: Indicates a tender plant, shrub (sh), or tree (t) which will not winter over in northern zones.
IS: In Situ; can be planted outside directly where it is to grow.
JC: Just Cover; barely cover with soil
SS:Surface Sow; press seeds gently into to the soil to make good contact, but do not cover with any additional soil; these seeds require light to germinate.
L/D: Light or Dark; seeds which require dark should have the flat covered with newspaper or brown paper or something similar to keep light from getting to the seeds. Plants requiring light to germinate are to be surface sown.
S/I: Germination is slow and irregular
HH: Half hardy. If an annual, it will usually not reseed itself in northern zones, and if perennial, will be killed by freezing temperatures.
TP: Tender perennial (or shrub, etc). Will not winter over in northern zones, but makes a good greenhouse specimen.
GHS: Tropical or delicate plant best grown in greenhouse.
BB: Bulb.

NOTE: The heading 'Medium' refers to a sterile potting soil.

PlantDays for
Temp °FMediumDepth of
Special Info
Gaillardia (hp,hha)15-20 s/iL70-75Peaty SSReduce soil temp at night.
Galega (hp)14-60.-Well-drained ¼"Best sown IS.
Galtonia (hbb)15-20.70Peaty 1/16".
Gardenia (tsh)25-30.70-75Peaty 1/8"Use a lime free medium.
Gaultheria (hsh)30-60L65-70Peaty SS#3 for 4 to 10 weeks. Use acid medium and planting soil.
Gaura (hha)14-30.65-75Well-drained 1/16".
Gazania (hha)8-21D60-65Well-drained 1/8".
Genista (hsh)14-30.55-65Well-drained JC#2
Gentiana (hp)14-180 s/iD70-75Lime free JC#3 for 8 weeks.
Gentianopsis (ha)21-30L-Well-drainedSSSow IS. Resents transplanting.
Geranium (hhp)3-21 s/i.70-75Well-drained JC.
Geranium (hp)30-90 s/i.50Well-drained JCSee Bonsai
Gerbera (tp)15-25L70-75Peaty JCSow with sharp end down. Don't cover completely.
Gesneria (tp)14-21L70-75Peaty SSSee Begonia
Geum (hp)21-30 s/i.65-70Peaty 1/16"Reduce soil temp at night.
Gilia (ha)17-21.-Well-drained 1/8"Sow IS.
Ginkgo (ht)30-60 s/iL70-75Peaty 1/8"#3 for 8 to 10 weeks.
Glaucidium (hp)30-90 s/i.50-55Peaty JC.
Glaucium (ha)14-21D60-65Well-drained JCBest sown IS. Resents being moved.
Gleditschia (ht)14-30.65-70Well-drained JC#1, then #2 for 24 hours
Globularia (hp)10-30L55Well-drained SS#3 for 3 weeks.
Gloriosa (hhbb)30.70-75Peaty 1/16".
Gloxinia (tp)15-30 s/iL65-75Peaty SSSee Begonia
Gnaphalium (hp)14-21L60-70Well-drained SS.
Godetia (ha)7-14.60-65Well-drained ¼"Can be sown IS.
Gomphrena (hha)6-8L70-75Well-drained JC.
Gourds (hha)15-30.80Peaty ¼".
Grasses (hp,hha)10-100L60-75Peaty SS.
Grass Tree (hhp)30-180 s/iL65Peaty SSSee Ferns
Grevillea (hhsh)20-25L75-80Well-drained SS#2 for 24 hours.
Gunnera (hp)14-60 s/i.70-80Peaty 1/16".
Guzmania (tp)10-90 s/iL60-70Peaty SSSee Begonia
Gymnocladus (ht)30-90 s/i.65-70Well-drained ¼"#1, then #2 for 24 hours.
Gypsophila (ha,hp)10-15 s/i.70Peaty JC.

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