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Seed Germination Chart

Some Abbreviations Used
A: Annual - a plant which lives one year only from seed.
P: Perennial - a plant which comes back every year.
H: Indicates a plant hardy in northern zones.
T: Indicates a tender plant, shrub (sh), or tree (t) which will not winter over in northern zones.
IS: In Situ; can be planted outside directly where it is to grow.
JC: Just Cover; barely cover with soil
SS:Surface Sow; press seeds gently into to the soil to make good contact, but do not cover with any additional soil; these seeds require light to germinate.
L/D: Light or Dark; seeds which require dark should have the flat covered with newspaper or brown paper or something similar to keep light from getting to the seeds. Plants requiring light to germinate are to be surface sown.
S/I: Germination is slow and irregular
HH: Half hardy. If an annual, it will usually not reseed itself in northern zones, and if perennial, will be killed by freezing temperatures.
TP: Tender perennial (or shrub, etc). Will not winter over in northern zones, but makes a good greenhouse specimen.
GHS: Tropical or delicate plant best grown in greenhouse.
BB: Bulb.

NOTE: The heading 'Medium' refers to a sterile potting soil.

PlantDays for
Temp °FMediumDepth of
Special Info
Abarema (tp)7-55.70-75Peaty¼"#1
Abelmoschus (hha)15-30.70-75.1/16"#2 for 1 hour in lukewarm water before sowing
Abies (ht)21-30 s/iL68-75PeatySS#2 overnight then #3 for 21 days
Abutilon (hhsh)21-30 s/i.70-80PeatyJC.
Acacia (hhsh)21-30.70-80.1/16"Soak in warm water for 4 to 6 hours
Acaena (hp)30-100.50-60.¼".
Acanthus (hp)21-25.50-55Peaty¼".
Acer (ht)30-365 s/iL65-70PeatySS#2 for 2 days then #4 for 2 months warm and moist,
followed by 2 months cold
Achillea (hp)30-100 s/iL60-65.SSLower soil temp at night
Achimenes (tp)21-30.65-75.SS#5 and See Begonia
Acnistus (hhsh)21-42.55-65.16".
Aconitum (hp)5-270 s/iL55-60.1/16"#3 for 6 weeks and See Bonsai
Actaea (hp)30-365 s/i.55-60.JC#3 for 6 to 8 weeks
Actinidia (hp)60-90 s/i.50.1/8"Male and female flowers appear on separate plants
Adansonia (tsh)21-365 s/i.70-80Peaty1/16"#2
Adenanthera (tsh)30-90.70-75.JC#2 in hot water
Adenium (tsh)7-14L65-70Very well
Adenophora (hp)30-90 s/i.50-55.SS.
Adonis (ha, hp)30-120 s/i.60-65.JC.
Aechmia (tp)7-90 s/iL60-70PeatySSSee Begonia
Aethionema (hp)30-90 s/i.60-65.JC.
Agapanthus (hhp)30-90 s/i.60-65.JC.
Agastache (hp)30-90.55.1/16".
Agave (tp)30-90 s/iL55.SS.
Ageratum (hha)10-14L70-75.SS
Agrostemma (ha)14-21.55-65.1/8"Can be sown directly outside (IS)
Ailanthus (ht)30-90 s/iL50-60.SS#1, #2, then #3 for 2 weeks
Akebia 30-180 s/iL50-60PeatySS#3 for 4 weeks
Albizia (ht/hsh)30-90 s/i.65-75.1/8"#2 for 12 hours in tepid water.
Alchemilla (hp)21-30.60-70.1/8".
Allium (hbb)30-365L50.JC#3 for 4 weeks
Aloe (tp)30-180L70.SS.
Alonsoa (hha)14-21.60.1/16"Cover seed with silver sand
Alpina (tp)30-90.70-75Peaty1/8".
Alstroemeria (hp)30-365 s/i.65-70Peaty1/16"#2
Alyssum (ha)7-14L55-75PeatySSCan be sown IS
Amaranthus (hha)10-15.70-75.1/16".
Amaryllis (hhbb)21-70 s/i.65-75Peaty1/16"Do not dry off in the first year from seed
Ammi (hha)7-21.55-65.1/16".
Ammobium (hha)10-15.60.1/16".
Amorpha (hsh)30-120 s/i.50-60.1/16"#2 for 12 hours in warm water.
Anacampseros (tp)30-90 s/iL65-70.SS.
Anacyclus (hp)30-60 s/iL55-60.JC#3 for 3 weeks)
Anagalis (hha)30-42.50-65.1/8".
Anchusa (ha, hp)7-30.70.1/16"Can be sown directly outside (IS)
Andromeda (hsh)30-60 s/iL50-60PeatySSKeep soil constantly moist
Androsace (hp)30-65 s/i.50-55.SS.
Anemone (hp)28-180 s/i.65-70.JCSee Bonsai
Anemonopsis (hp)30-180 s/iL55-60.SSNeeds lime-free medium
Anigozanthus (tp)30-90L60-65PeatySSSee Begonia
Anoda (hha)14-21.55-65.¼"Can be sown IS
Antennaria (hp)30-60.55-60.JCCover with silver sand
Anthemis (hp)8-14.70.SS.
Anthericum (hp)30-90.50.1/8".
Anthriscus (hp, hb)14-21.55-65.¼Usually sown direct IS
Anthyllis (hp)30-60.50.1/8"#2 overnight
Antigonon (tp)21-30.65-70.JC.
Antirrhinum (hha)10-21L65-75PeatySS.
Aphyllanthes (hp)21-55 s/iL55-60PeatyJC.
Aquilegia (hp)30-90 s/iL65-75.SS#3 for 3 weeks. Grow on at 69° or less
Arabis (hp)20-25L70.SSCan be sown directly out (IS)
Arachis (ta)7-21.70-75Peaty¼"Best results by placing tray inside plastic bag
Araucaria (ht)30-60D55-60Peaty¼"Sow immediately upon receipt of seed.
Araujia (hhsh)90-180 s/i.75-80.JC.
Arbutus (ht)60-90 s/iL65-70PeatySS#3 for 8 weeks
Arctotis (hha)21-35.60-70.JC.
Ardisia (tsh)90-180.75.¼".
Arenaria (hp)15-30.55-65.SS.
Argemone (ha)14.65-70.1/8"Can be direct planted (IS)
Arisaema (hp)30-180 s/i.55-60.JC.
Aristea (tp)30-90 s/i.55-60.JC.
Aristolochia (tsh)30-90 s/iL75-85PeatySS#2 for 48 hours
Armeria (hp)14-21.60-70.JC#2 for 6 to 8 hours
Arnica (hp)25-30.55.JCPrefers acid, sandy soil
Artemisia (hp)30-60L60-65.SS.
Arum (hp)30-190 s/i.55-65Peaty1/8".
Aruncus (hp)30-90.55-65PeatySS.
Arundinaria (hsh)30-90 s/iL70PeatyJCKeep soil constantly moist
Asarina (hhp)14-21L65-70.SS.
Asarum (hp)7-30.60-65.1/16"Use fresh seed or plant as soon as seed is received.
Asclepias (hp, tp)30-90 s/i.50-75PeatyJC#3 for 4 weeks
Asparagus (p)21-30.60-70Peaty¼"#2, then #1
Asperula (ha)30-42L50.1/16"#3 for 2 weeks. Can be sown directly (IS)
Asphodeline (hp)30 s/i.70-75.JC.
Aster (hha/hp)10-14.65-70.1/16"For perennial asters: #3 for 2 weeks
Asterolasia (hsh)30-180 s/i.55-65.1/16".
Astilbe (hp)40-80.65PeatySSSee Begonia
Astrantia (hp)30-180 s/iL55-65.SS#3 for 4 weeks
Atriplex (ha)9-21.50-55.1/16"Can be sown direct (IS)
Atropa (hp)21-30.50.1/16".
Aubrieta (hp)14-21L65-75.SSSee Begonia
Aucuba (hsh)30-90 s/i.65-70.1/8".
Azalea (hsh)50-90 s/iL55-60PeatySSUse plastic bag method. Keep from direct sun.

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