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DISCLAIMER: These pages are presented solely as a source of INFORMATION and ENTERTAINMENT and to provide stern warnings against use where appropriate. No claims are made for the efficacy of any herb nor for any historical herbal treatment. In no way can the information provided here take the place of the standard, legal, medical practice of any country. Additionally, some of these plants are extremely toxic and should be used only by licensed professionals who have the means to process them properly into appropriate pharmaceuticals. One final note: many plants were used for a wide range of illnesses in the past, but be aware that many of the historical uses have proven to be ineffective for the problems to which they were applied.

(Capsicum spp)

Harvest the peppers, then spit, core and remove seeds. Cut ripe unblemished peppers into quarters. Steam 10 minutes.
Spread out on clean, well ventilated surface (such as screening or nylon netting) and expose to direct sunlight. Stir frequently and allow 2-3 days for drying. Peppers should be crisp and brittle when dry (alternately - dry in dehydrator).
Place dried peppers on cooking tray in oven at 175 degrees for 10 minutes to pasturize.
To rehydrate, add just enough water to cover until restored to original texture.
Or peppers may be ground for use as a seasoning.

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