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Massage Oils

Two-ounce, flip-top squeeze bottles are ideal for holding massage oils (see Resources). They also allow you to custom blend oils for each individual.

Two oils which make excellent carrier oils (so called because are used to 'carry' the fragrance and properties of the essential oil used) are sweet almond oil and hazelnut oil. Sweet almond blends with just about any essential fragrance oil, although hazelnut is preferred as a base for essential oils of wood such as sandalwood or rosewood.

Use 5 drops of essential oil per 2 oz of carrier oil to begin and work your way up a few drops at a time until the desired fragrance is reached. It is generally preferred that massage oil fragrance be very light, but pleasing and soothing to the recipient of the massage.

When giving a massage, please remember that a large amount of oil slathered onto the skin is neither necessary nor desirable. You need only enough to rub the skin smoothly without friction and only a very small amount is required.

If you are unfamiliar with massage techniques for home use, I recommend The Massage Book by Lucinda Lidell.

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