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Art of Painting Animals on Rocks
Lin Wellford; PB; 117 pages; 1994.
I've already written a review for this which is posted over at Amazon Books, but I have to repeat myself a bit by saying that I absolutely have never been able to draw. Ms Wellford's books are for the rest of us...those lacking in any perceivable artistic talent. Using basic geometric shapes and plenty of designs and pictures, she takes you through each step. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm putting up a picture of some of the rocks I've done myself since last year. One warning though...this is a terribly relaxing and addicting hobby.

Painting More Animals on Rocks
Lin Wellford; PB; 128 pgs; 1998.
More wonderful animals! Cows, calfs, colts, bears, wild cats, frogs, skunks, squirrels...a whole zoo of them. I made 3 frogs in different colors and sizes recently, then filled a terra cotta plant saucer with pebbles and gave the 3 frogs a home in my dry pond. After you're done the painting there are just so many ways to use these pet rock critters as decoration both indoors and out. And I've discovered that they make great gifts...everyone seems to want one.

Painting Houses, Cottages & Towns on Rocks

Lin Wellford; PB; 128 pgs; 1996.
For country decorating these are just too delicious! As always, Ms Wellford makes drawing and painting a no-brainer for the rest of us.

©1998 by Ernestina Parziale, CH

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