Home Cooking 101

Earthnotes Cookbook

Ingredients & Substitutes

BeansKidney 1 lb=2-1/2 cups dry=7 cups cooked
Navy 1 lb=2-1/2 cups dry=7 cups cooked
Split Peas lb=2 cups dried=5 cups cooked
Baking powder1 cup=5-1/2 oz
Bread1 slice=1/4 to 1/3 cup dry crumbs
Butter1 lb=2 cups
1/2 lb=2 sticks
1 stick=1/2 cup or 8 tbsp
Cabbage1 med. head=3 lbs
1 lb=4 cups shredded
Cheese1/4 lb grated=1 cup
1 lb=2-2/3 cup
Cheddar l lb=4 cups grated
Cottage cheese 1 lb=2 cups
Cream cheese 3-oz pkg=6 tbsp
Cream cheese 6-oz pkg=1 cup
Chocolate1 square=1 oz=3 tbsp grated=3 tbsp melted
Chocolate chips6-oz pkg=1 scant cup
12-oz pkg=1-7/8 cup
Cocoa1 lb=4 cups
Coconut1 lb=5 cups shredded and lightly packed
Coffeel lb=5 cups=40 to 50 cups of brewed
Cornmeall lb=3 cups
1 cup=4 cups cooked
Cornstarchl lb=3 cups
Crab meat1 lb=2 cups
CrackersGraham crackers: 1 cup crumbs=12 to 15 crackers
Soda crackers: 1 cup crumbs=20 to 23 crackers
Cream1/2 pint heavy=2 cups whipped
Dates1 lb pitted=2 cups=2-1/2 cups chopped
Eggs (large)1 egg=1/4 cup
4 to 5=1 cup
9 eggs=l lb
7 to 9 whites=1 cup
12 to 15 yolks=1 cup
Figsl lb=3 cups chopped
FlourAll purpose 1 lb=4 cups sifted
Cake flour 1 lb=4-1/2 cups sifted
Graham flour l lb=3-1/2 cups
Whole wheat l lb=3-1/2 cups
FruitApples 1 lb (3 medium)=2 to 2-1/2 cups pared and sliced
Apples, 2 quarts=3 lbs
Apricots 1 lb=3 cups dried=6 cups cooked
Bananas 1 lb=3 large with skins off=2 to 2-1/2 cups sliced
Fruit peels 1/2 lb=1-1/2 cups, cut up
Lemon or lime, 1 med=3 tbsp juice
Lemon or lime, 5 to 8=1 cup juice
Lemon or lime, 1 rind=1 tbsp grated
Oranges 1 med.=2 to 3 tbsp juice
Oranges 3 to 4=1 cup juice
Oranges, 1 rind=2 tbsp grated
Fruit, candied1/2 lb=1-1/2 cups, cut up
Gelatin, plain1 envelope=1 tbsp dry
Herbs1 tsp dry=1 tbsp fresh
Marshmallows1 large=10 minatures
10 large=1 cup miniature (lightly packed)
100 mini=1 cup (lightly packed)
1/2 lb=16 regular
1 lb=8 cups miniature=75 to 80 regular
10 oz bag=6 cups minature
Milk, cannedEvaporated 5 oz can=2/3 cup
14-1/2 oz can=1-2/3 cups
Sweetened Condensed 14 oz can=1-1/4 cup
Mustardprepared, 1 tbsp=1 tsp dry
Nuts1 lb nutmeats, chopped=4 cups
Almonds 1 lb (in shell)=1-3/4 cups nutmeats
Almonds 1 lb blanched and whole=3-1/2 cups
Pecans 1 lb (in shell)=2-1/4 cups shelled
Pecans 1 lb (shelled)=4 cups
Peanuts 1 lb (in shell)=2-1/4 cups shelled
Peanuts 1 lb (shelled)=3 cups
Walnuts 1 lb (in shell)=1-2/3 cups shelled
Walnuts 1 lb (shelled)=4 cups
Walnuts, raw 1 lb=5 cups raw=8 cups cooked
Oatmeal1 lb raw=5 cups=9 cups cooked
Onion1 med.=1/2 cup chopped
PastaMacaroni l lb=4 cups raw=8 cups cooked
Noodles 1 lb=6 cups raw=9 cups cooked
Noodles 1 cup=1-1/2 cups cooked
Spaghetti 1 lb=4 cups raw=6 to 8 cups cooked
Peas1 lb (in pod)=1 cup shelled
Pepper, green1 large=1 cup diced
Popcorn1 cup raw=5 quarts popped
PotatoWhite l lb=3 to 4 medium=2 cups cooked and mashed
Sweet l lb=3 medium=2 cups cooked and mashed
Raisins1 lb seeded=2-1/2 cups
1 lb seedless=3 cups
Rice1 lb=2 cups dried=4 cups cooked
Rice, instant, l cup=2 cups cooked
Shortening1 lb=2 cups
StuffingsHerb-seasoned 8 oz bag=4-1/2 cups seasoned dry bread cubes
Croutons 11 oz bag=10 cups (if large sized cubes)
SugarGranulated 1 lb=2 cups
Brown 1 lb=2-1/4 cups
Confectioners 1 lb=3-1/2 cups sifted
Cubes 1 lb=96 to 160 cubes
Tomato1 lb=3 to 4 medium
Wafers, Vanilla24 wafers=1 cup crumbs
Whipped toppingsfrozen 9 oz container=3 cups
12 oz container=4 cups
Yeast2 oz cake=3 pkgs dry yeast
dry 1 envelope=1 tbsp

©1998 by Ernestina Parziale