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DISCLAIMER: These pages are presented solely as a source of INFORMATION and to provide stern warnings against use where appropriate. No claims are made for the efficacy of any herb nor for any historical herbal treatment. In no way can the information provided here take the place of the standard, legal, medical practice of any country. Additionally, some of these plants are extremely toxic and should be used only by licensed professionals who have the means to process them properly into appropriate pharmaceuticals. One final note: many plants were used for a wide range of illnesses in the past, but be aware that many of the historical uses have proven to be ineffective for the problems to which they were applied.


= Denotes a POISONOUS agent/s. Professionals only! These agents are more common in Chinese medicine where they are especially processed to render them safe, or else used in homeopathic tinctures which are safe to take. There are also instances where one component of the plant is safe, as in the Castor Bean which is deadly, but its oil is safe to use.
Consider this page a starting point for your research and/or discussion with your medical professional as it cannot endorse the herbs which have been used traditionally for these conditions.
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The DO FIRST section will lead you to professional medical pages online for more information on the topic.
The HOW TO USE/MORE INFO section will take you to a more in depth discussion of the ways to use natural agents. Although not always stated, more information can be obtained on the individual herb pages.
The Healthline links are not all the same; they will take you to pages related to the specific topics.


Composed of the Bladder and Urethra. Also see Kidney. Urinary problems require professional medical diagnosis
GENERAL See Healthline Akebia; Alfalfa; Anemorrhena; Angelica; Asparagus; Aspen, Quaking; Astragalus; Bala; Balm of Copaiba; Balsam; Balsam of Peru; Barberry, Common; Barley; Bearberry; Betony; Bilberry; Birch, Silver; Bisnaga (see Bishop Flower); Blueberry; Boldo; Butcher's Broom; Cannabis; Carrot; Carrot, Wild; Cattail; Cayenne; Cereus, Night-blooming; Chervil; Chives; Cinnamon; Cleavers; Cohosh, Blue; Crampbark; Damiana; Dandelion; Hops; Johnny-Jump-Up; Juniper; Nettle, Stinging; Pine; Poplar, Balsam; Poplar, Black; Poplar, White; Sandalwood (male); Squawvine; Water Plantain
= Ash, Mountain; Birthwort, Frail
See Urinary Problems
ACID URINE See Healthline Bearberry See individual herb pages
(Presence of albumen in urine; can indicate kidney disease)
See Healthline Artichoke (chronic); Bean (during pregnancy); Birch, Silver Same as above
MUCUS in URINE See Healthline Astragalus sinicus; Black Musli; Caesar Weed; Cedar, True; Corn Same as above
BLOODY URINE/HEMATURIA See Healthline Achryanthes Root; Agrimony; Amur Cork Tree; Angelica anomala; Angelica pubescens; Arbutus; Bamboo, Timber; Bala; Bethroot; Cattail; Cleavers; Comfrey; Corn; Cranesbill; Plantain See Urinary Problems
(Painful or impaired ability to pass urine.)
See Healthline Achryanthes Root; Agave; Agrimony; Asparagus; Asparagus, Chinese; Aster, Red-stalked; Astragalus; Atractylodes macrocephela; Bala; Barberry, Common; Bearberry (suppressed); Beggartick; Betel Nut; Black Currant (retention); Blackberry Lily; Bo-Tree; Buchu; Burnut; Caesar Weed; Carrot; Carrot, Wild; Cattail; Celosia; Corn; Pinks, Chinese; Poplar, White; Water Plantain
= Black Cohosh (retention); Bonduc Nut; Stargrass
See Urinary Problems
FREQUENT URINATION See Healthline Asparagus Bean; Barrenwort; Bugleweed; Cedar, White Same as above
GRAVEL/STONES See Healthline Ambergris; Asparagus; Barley; Barroom Plant; Birch, Silver; Buchu; Burdock; Burnut; Carrot; Carrot, Wild; Cleavers; Corn (prevent); Couchgrass; Dandelion; Juniper; Parsley; Parsley, Piert; Pinks, Chinese; Stoneroot; Walnut, English Same as above
INCONTINENCE See Healthline Agrimony; Aspen, Quaking; Bearberry; Black Musli; Cardamom, Bastard; Chives, Garlic; Cohosh, Blue See individual herb pages
IRRITATION See Healthline Barley; Licorice; Parsley, Piert See Urinary Problems
OBSTRUCTIONS See Healthline Aspen, Quaking; Butcher's Broom; Carrot; Carrot, Wild; Catnip; Cleavers; Goldenrod, Sweet Same as above
PUS in URINE See Healthline Arbutus; Arrowroot See Infection
SCALDING URINE See Healthline Basil, Holy; Buchu; Chicory See Urinary Problems
THICK/CONCENTRATED URINE See Healthline = Columbine See individual herb pages
URETHRA: HEAVY MUCUS/BLENORRHEA See Healthline Black Musli Same as above
URETHRA: INFLAMMATION/URETHRITIS See Healthline Buchu; Canary Island Tea Plant; Cattail; Cleavers; Coriander; Couchgrass; Juniper
= Belladonna
See Urinary Problems
URETHRA: STRICTURE See Healthline = Castor Bean See individual herb pages
URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS/UTI See Healthline Agrimony; Akebia; Amber; Ambergris; Amur Cork Tree; Apple; Arbutus; Asparagus; Aspen, Quaking; Astragalus; Balm of Gilead; Bamboo, Dwarf; Barley; Bearberry; Birch, Common; Blueberry; Boneset; Buchu; Cedar, White; Celosia; Cereus, Night-blooming; Chickweed; Cleavers; Coriander; Corn; Couchgrass; Damiana; Dandelion; Elecampane; Juniper; Licorice; Pinks, Chinese See Urinary Problems

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