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DISCLAIMER: These pages are presented solely as a source of INFORMATION and to provide stern warnings against use where appropriate. No claims are made for the efficacy of any herb nor for any historical herbal treatment. In no way can the information provided here take the place of the standard, legal, medical practice of any country. Additionally, some of these plants are extremely toxic and should be used only by licensed professionals who have the means to process them properly into appropriate pharmaceuticals. One final note: many plants were used for a wide range of illnesses in the past, but be aware that many of the historical uses have proven to be ineffective for the problems to which they were applied.


= Denotes a POISONOUS agent/s. Professionals only! These agents are more common in Chinese medicine where they are especially processed to render them safe, or else used in homeopathic tinctures which are safe to take. There are also instances where one component of the plant is safe, as in the Castor Bean which is deadly, but its oil is safe to use.
Consider this page a starting point for your research and/or discussion with your medical professional as it cannot endorse the herbs which have been used traditionally for these conditions.
If you have a better link than the ones I have provided, please let me know.
The DO FIRST section will lead you to professional medical pages online for more information on the topic.
The HOW TO USE/MORE INFO section will take you to a more in depth discussion of the ways to use natural agents. Although not always stated, more information can be obtained on the individual herb pages.
The Healthline links are not all the same; they will take you to pages related to the specific topics.

Leprosy Liver Lungs Lupus

A chronic infectious disease of tropical countries which is caused by th bacillus Mycobacterium leprae. It has various forms from being a noncontagious and remitting condition up to being a highly contagious and malignant form with accompanying mutilation through loss of body parts. Requires professional medical supervision.
GENERAL See Healthline Aglaia; Ash; Burnut ("white"); Burrweed; Cashew; Coriander; Garlic; Hops
= Abrus; Bonduc Nut; Boxwood; Burdock
See individual herb pages
The largest glandular organ in the body with left and right lobes, it's natural color is dark red. It produces and secretes bile and is vital to the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. All condtions related to the liver require professional medical supervision.
GENERAL PROBLEMS See Healthline Achryanthes Root (hormone imbalances as a result of chronic problems); Agrimony; Aloe; Amur Cork Tree (stimulant); Angelica; Angostura (stimulant); Anise; Annatto (tonic); Apple (stimulant/cleanser); Artichoke (cell regenerator); Ash, Prickly; Asparagus; Aspen, Quaking; Astragalus (stimulant); Astragalus complanatus (tonic); Bachelor Button (stimulant); Balm, Lemon; Balmony, Indian; Barberry, Common (stimulant/tonic); Barrenwort (tonic); Bay; Bearberry; Beech, American; Beet (cleanser); Beggartick, Swamp; Betony; Bilberry; Bindweed; Bisnaga (see Bishop Flower); Bogbean; Boldo (function); Borage; Bupleurum (tonic/function); Burdock; Burnut; Caesar Weed; Calamint; Calendula; Canary Island Tea Plant; Caraway; Cardamom; Cascara Sagrada; Celandine; Celosia; Centaury, European (stimulant); Chicory (stimulant/protectorant); Chickweed; Coltsfoot; Costmary (function); Cumin (function); Dandelion (function/stimulant); Goldenseal; Maple, Rock (to strengthen); Parsley (tonic); Pine; Poplar, White; Pussytoes; Reishi (regenerator); Rosemary; Sage; Sage, Purple; Schizandra (function); Stoneroot (tonic); Thistle, Blessed (tonic); Thistle, Milk; Walnut, Black; Water Plantain
= Alder Buckthorn; Arrowwood; Black Cohosh; Blackroot; Bloodroot; Blue Flag (stimulant/purgative); Broom, Scotch; Bryony; Melon, Bitter Indochinese
See Liver
BILE PROBLEMS See Healthline Apple; Apricot; Artichoke; Ash, White (intestinal); Bala; Balmony; Barberry, Common; Butternut; Cohosh, Blue; Mugwort; Selfheal
= Arnica; Arrowwood; Blackroot; Blue Flag
See individual herb pages
BILE: DEFICIENCY See Healthline Calendula; Chicory
= Blackroot
Same as above
BILE DUCT PROBLEMS See Healthline Celandine (inflamed); Dandelion (stones); Pussytoes
= Ash, Mountain-1
Same as above
BILIARY DISEASE See Healthline Artichoke; Aspen, Quaking (fever); Blueberry (fever) Same as above
(Both an inflammation and fibrous hardening - like 'sclerosis' below. Can eventually obstruct blood flow)
See Healthline Achryanthes Root; Agrimony; Borage; Corn; Crampbark; Dandelion; Thistle, Blessed See Liver
CONGESTION See Healthline Cabbage; Cascara Sagrada; Dandelion; Walnut, Black
= Alder Buckthorn
See individual herb pages
CONTAMINANTS See Healthline Thistle, Milk See Liver
ENLARGED/SWOLLEN LIVER See Healthline Blackberry Lily; Cascara Sagrada
= Alder Buckthorn
See individual herb pages
HEPATITIS See Healthline Achryanthes Root; Agrimony; Ague-weed; Artichoke; Ash, Northern; Aster trinervius; Barberry, Common; Barley; Blackberry Lily; Bogbean; Bupleurum; Burnut; Butter-and-Eggs; Calendula; Celandine; Centaury, European; Chicory; Cleavers; Dandelion; Horehound; Pussytoes; Selfheal; Thistle, Milk Same as above
HEPATITIS: VIRAL Same as above Thistle, Milk See Hepatitis
INDURATIONS/THICKENING See Healthline = Melon, Bitter Indochinese See individual herb pages
INFLAMMATION See Healthline Bilberry
= Arum; Castor Bean
See Liver
JAUNDICE See Healthline Agave; Agrimony; Agrimony, Hemp; Agrimony, Water; Ague-weed; Alder, American Black; Alfalfa; Amur Cork Tree; Apricot, Japanese; Artichoke; Aspen, Quaking; Atractylodes macrocephala; Balmony; Balsam Pear; Banana, Ryukyu; Barberry, Common; Bayberry; Bead Tree; Beggartick; Bistort; Bogbean; Boneset; Borage; Butcher's Broom; Butter-and-Eggs; Calendula; Carrot, Wild; Cascara Sagrada; Cayenne; Celandine; Centaury, European; Chamomile; Chervil; Chicory; Cleavers; Columbine; Corn; Couchgrass; Dandelion; Garlic; Ground Ivy; Parsley; Selfheal; Thistle, Blessed
= Alder Buckthorn; Arrowwood; Asarabacca; Bloodroot; Broom, Scotch (black); Stargrass
See Jaundice
JAUNDICE: CONGESTIVE Same as above Dandelion Same as above
LIVER: DISEASES See Healthline Agave; Agrimony; Artichoke; Balmony; Barberry, Common; Celandine; Couchgrass; Cranesbill; Dandelion; Thyme
= Bittersweet, American
See Liver
LIVER: INFECTIOUS DISEASES Same as above Apple See individual herb pages
LIVER: VIRAL INFECTION Same as above Calendula Same as above
OBSTRUCTION See Healthline Agrimony, Water; Avens
= Broom, Scotch; Melon, Bitter Indochinese
Same as above
(A hardening of the tissue accompanied by a deposit of fibrous tissue which replaces the original structure of the organ)
See Healthline Bay See Liver
TUMORS See Healthline Bay See Tumors
(Also see those designated as 'stimulants' above in General)
See Healthline Apple; Artichoke; Balmony; Bogbean; Bupleurum; Butternut; Ginger; Maple, Rock; Thistle, Milk
= Bloodroot
See Liver
Lungs are the two organs of breathing in the chest cavity (along with the heart). The right lung is a bit larger than the left and is divided into 3 lobes, whereas the left is divided into two. Their function is to oxygenate the body by taking up oxygen from inhaled air and eliminating carbon dioxide on the exhale.
Also see related topics such as Colds/Flu, Congestion and Respiratory System.
GENERAL PROBLEMS See Healthline Agrimony; Agrimony, Water; Almond; Anaphalis; Angelica; Anise; Asafetida; Ashwaganda; Aster; Aster, Red-Stalked; Astragalus; Atractylodes macrocephela; Balsam; Bay; Beggartick, Hairy; Betony; Blackberry; Borage; Buttonbush; Cabbage; Cardamom; Chickweed; Cohosh, Blue; Comfrey (tonic); Ground Ivy; Hyssop; Lungwort; Pearly Life Everlasting (coughs); Plantain; Poplar, Balsam; Pussytoes, Lesser; Pussytoes, Plaintain-leaved; Water Plantain
= Arrowwood; Asthma Weed; Birthwort, Frail (wheezing); Black Cohosh; Bryony, White; Butterfly Weed
See Respiratory System
ABSCESS Requires medical attention
See Healthline
Balloon Flower See Abscess
CANCER Requires professional medical attention
See Healthline
Asparagus; Coltsfoot; Comfrey See Cancer
CONGESTION See Healthline Cayenne; Chives; Comfrey; Elder
= Arrowwood; Thimbleweed (see Anemone)
See Colds/Flu, Congestion and Colds/Flu/Coughs
DISEASES of Requires professional medical care
See Healthline
Agrimony; Cardamom; Cayenne (COPD); Comfrey (w/dry cough) See individual herb pages and Respiratory System
DRYNESS of See Healthline Asparagus See individual herb pages
(Air spaces in lungs are enlarged making it difficult to breathe)
Requires professional medical care
See Healthline
Angelica; Apricot; Cardamom; Cayenne; Coltsfoot; Damiana; Mallow, Purple-rose
= Asthma Weed; Bloodroot
Same as above
INFECTION Requires professional medical care
See Healthline
Elecampane; Horseradish; Plantain; Thyme See Infection/Inflammation and Colds/Flu
INFLAMMATION Requires professional medical care
See Healthline
Bamboo, Black
= Blue Flag
Same as above
HEMORRHAGE/BLEEDING Requires professional medical care
See Healthline
Alder; Bethroot; Bletilla; Bugleweed; Celosia
= Bloodroot
See Bleeding and Bleeding-1
(Inflammation of the lungs caused by a viral or bacterial agent)
Requires professional medical care
See Healthline
Allspice; Anemarrhena; Angelica; Apricot, Japanese; Ash, American; Ash, Prickly; Astragalus; Balloon Flower; Blackberry; Boneset; Burdock; Caesar Weed; Catnip; Comfrey (bronchial); Dandelion; Elder; Garlic (convalescence from); Lavender; Usnea
= Belladonna; Bloodroot; Butterfly Weed; Camphor, Borneo
See individual herb pages
SHORTNESS OF BREATH/DYSPNEA Requires evaluation by a medical professional
See Healthline
Aquilaria; Aster, Red-stalked; Calamint; Canary Island Tea Plant; Cereus, Night-blooming; Crampbark; Selfheal; Yellow Vetch (see Astragalus)
= Asthma Weed
Same as above
(A chronic fibrous lung problem particular to miners who have inhaled silicon dust over a number of years)
Requires professional medical care
See Healthline
Coltsfoot Same as above
TUMOR Requires professional medical care
See Healthline
Dandelion See Tumors
WEAKNESS Requires professional medical evaluation
See Healthline
Poplar, Balsam; Yellow Vetch (see Astragalus) See individual herb pages
A general term relating to any of several different diseases marked by skin lesions: 1) discoid l. erythematosus displays the characteristic butterfly rash over the nose and cheeks and sometimes extending to the scalp; 2) systemic l. erythematosus which displays the typical rash of the face as well as on other parts of the body exposed to sunlight as well as involving the vascular and connective tissues of many organs; 3) l. pernio has the appearance of frostbite to the hands, face, nose and ears; 4) l. vulgaris is a tuburcular infection of the skin displaying red-brown nodular lesions predominantly on the face. May be chronic or acute.
GENERAL Requires professional medical care
See Healthline
Canary Island Tea Plant; Walnut, Black See individual herb pages

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