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DISCLAIMER: These pages are presented solely for INFORMATION purposes and to provide stern warnings against use where appropriate. No claims are made for the efficacy of any herb nor for any historical herbal treatment. In no way can the information provided here take the place of the standard, legal, medical practice of any country. Additionally, some of these plants are extremely toxic and should be used only by licensed professionals who have the means to process them properly into appropriate pharmaceuticals. One final note: many plants were used for a wide range of illnesses in the past, but be aware that many of the historical uses have proven to be ineffective for the problems to which they were applied.


= Denotes a POISONOUS agent/s. Professionals only! These agents are more common in Chinese medicine where they are especially processed to render them safe, or else used in homeopathic tinctures which are safe to take. There are also instances where one component of the plant is safe, as in the Castor Bean which is deadly, but its oil is safe to use.
Consider this page a starting point for your research and/or discussion with your medical professional as it cannot endorse the herbs which have been used traditionally for these conditions.
If you have a better link than the ones I have provided, please let me know.
The DO FIRST section will lead you to professional medical pages online for more information on the topic.
The HOW TO USE/MORE INFO section will take you to a more in depth discussion of the ways to use natural agents. Although not always stated, more information can be obtained on the individual herb pages.
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Debility Deficiency Diabetes Digestive Problems Diphtheria Dropsy Dysentary

Weakness usually as a result of a severe illness, but can also be ascribed to a number of other causes both mental and physical.
GENERAL If unsure of the cause, consult your doctor Agrimony; Almond; Angelica; Apple; Asafetida; Ash, American; Ashwaganda; Asparagus; Aspen, Quaking; Astragalus; Avens; Balmony; Balmony, Indian; Barberry, Common; Barley; Beggartick; Black Currant; Boneset; Candle Nut; Chamomile; Chickweed; Chives; Ginseng; Ginseng, Siberian; Poplar, Balsam (lungs); Poplar, White; Pussytoes, Lesser; Pussytoes, Plantain-leaved; Rose; Sage; Sage, Purple
= Boxthorn
See Nutritional Problems,
Convalescence, and
LOW ENERGY Same as above Astragalus; Balloon Flower; Birch, Silver; Fo-Ti; Ginseng; Ginseng, Siberian; Gotu Kola; Rosemary; Yellow Vetch (see Astragalus) Same as above
A lack of something, usually vitamins and minerals, needful for good health.
MINERALS/VITAMINS See Healthline Alfalfa; Parsley (iron) See individual herb pages plus Minerals
YANG A term of Chinese medicine referring to a masculine principle represented by sun, heat and fire Bupleurum See individual herb pages
A term used to indicate a variety of different types of this disease which are characterized by excessive output of urine and marked thirst. The most common is Diabetes mellitus (or sugar diabetes) which is caused by an inability to burn up sugars (carbohydrates) due to an insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas.
The following agents have been used historically to treat Diabetes mellitus. Today, some of them might be useful in a supporting role together with medically prescribed agents and regimens. The spices especially have been used to substitute flavor for sweetness. Also see Hyperglycemia
GENERAL See Healthline Agrimony; Alfalfa; Allspice; Amur Cork Tree; Apple; Anemorrhena; Artichoke; Asparagus, Chinese; Aspen, Quaking; Astragalus; Atractylodes macrocephela; Balloon Flower; Balsam Pear; Barberry, Common; Barley; Bay; Bean (mild); Bearberry; Beech, American; Bilberry; Blueberry (borderline); Bottle Gourd; Buchu; Bugleweed; Burdock; Carrot, Wild; Cat's Claw; Cayenne; Centaury, European; Chicory; Cinnamon; Cohosh, Blue; Coriander; Cranesbill; Dandelion; Fennel; Fenugreek; Garlic; Ginseng; Ginseng, Siberian; Jerusalem Artichoke; Geranium, Scented; Mugwort; Nettle, Stinging; Onion; Reishi; Sage; Selfheal; Stevia; Suma; Water Plantain
= Stargrass
See Diabetes
CIRCULATORY PROBLEMS, DUE TO See Healthline and Bilberry Same as above plus Circulation
DIABETIC NERVE DAMAGE/NEUROPATHY See Healthline plus same as above Cayenne See Diabetes and
Nervous Afflictions
DIABETIC PALSY See Healthline plus Cayenne See Diabetes and
SORES Same as above Selfheal See Diabetes,
Wounds, Skin,
and Ointments
THIRST Same as above Anise; Apple; Asparagus; Asparagus, Chinese See Thirst Quencher
And there are so many. Some are simple and others more serious and involved and require the care of a medical professional. Although the process of digestion begins the moment you put food in your mouth, to keep this as simple as possible, this topic begins with the stomach and ends with the large intestine, the whole otherwise known as the gastrointestinal tract.
Also see Bowels
GENERAL See Healthline Agrimony; Ajuga; Alfalfa; Aloe; Allspice; Ambrette; Amomum; Anaphalis; Angelica; Angostura; Anise; Anise, Star; Annatto; Apple; Aquilaria; Arrowroot; Ash, Japanese Prickly; Ash, Northern; Ash, Prickly; Asparagus; Asparagus, Chinese; Aspen, Quaking; Astragalus; Atractylodes ovata; Avens; Avens, Rough; Avens, Water; Bala; Balmony; Banana; Barberry, Common (chronic); Barley; Basil, Holy; Bay; Bayberry; Bayberry, English; Bearswort; Bee Pollen; Beech; Beet; Bergamot; Betony; Bilberry; Birch Mushroom; Birch, Silver; Black Chebula; Blackberry; Boneset, Asian; Buchu; Burdock; Burnet, Salad; Butternut; Calendula; Canella; Cardamom; Cardamom, Bastard; Cardamom, Round (see Amomum); Cascara Sagrada; Catnip; Cayenne; Cedron; Centaury, European; Chamomile; Chervil; Chicory; Chickweed; Cinnamon; Clove; Comfrey; Coriander; Coriander, False; Costmary; Crampbark; Cumin; Currant, Red (see Black Currant); Damiana; Dandelion; Dill; Fennel; Fenugreek; Ginger; Goldenseal; Horseradish; Lemon; Licorice; Linden; Marjoram, Sweet; Mint; Mugwort; Mustard; Nettle, Stinging; Oregano, Greek; Poplar, Ontario; Poplar, White; Sage, Clary; Shatavari (see Asparagus); Turmeric; Walnut, Black; Yarrow
= Alder Buckthorn; Bearded Darnel; Black Cohosh; Blackroot; Bryony; Columbine; Stargrass; Wormwood
See Digestion
See Healthline Chamomile (vagus nerve) Same as above plus Acid Reflux
Coffee is the biggest offender and often triggers the vagus nerve making the sufferer feel as though he/she is having a heart attack. Chocolate is also a problem. Eliminating both from the diet is helpful.
(too much/overacidity)
See Healthline Agrimony; Alfalfa; Anise; Apple; Bamboo, Moso; Bay; Chicory; Clover, Red; Marshmallow; Meadowsweet; Plantain (neutralize); Shatavari (see Asparagus) Same as above
(too little)
See Healthline Apple; Apricot See individual herb pages
BILIOUSNESS See Healthline See Digestion and
(from/in digestive tract)
Seek professional medical help for an evaluation See Digestion and
BLOATING See Healthline Atractylodes ovata; Betel Nut; Buchu; Bupleurum (abdominal); Burnut; Cairo Morning Glory (stomach); Cleavers
= Birthwort
See Digestion
CANCER See your doctor See Cancer and
CHILLS, STOMACH See Healthline Chives, Garlic; Cinnamon; Clove See Cold Conditions/Chill
(severe stomach pain)
See Healthline Angelica; Angelica, American; Angelica, European Wild; Angelica Tree; Annatto; Aquilaria; Asafetida (with gas); Ash, American; Ash, Prickly (exceptionally severe); Avens (exceptionally severe); Baeckea; Bala; Balm, Lemon; Balmony; Balsam; Bay; Bayberry (exceptionally severe); Beggar-lice; Bindweed; Black Currant; Blueberry; Buckwheat; Caesar Weed; Cajuput; Caraway; Carrot Wild; Catnip; Centaury, European; Chamomile; Cinnamon; Clove; Cohosh, Blue; Coriander; Crampbark; Cranesbill; Dill; Fennel; Marshmallow; Mint; Monarda; Mugwort; Poplar, White; Stoneroot; Tarragon, Winter; Thistle, Blessed (with gas); Thyme; Valerian; Walnut, Black; Yarrow
= Asthma Weed; Bonduc Nut; Stargrass
See Digestion
(severe abdominal pain)
Same as above Angelica; Apple; Crampbark; Parsley Same as above
COLIC, INFANT Same as above Anise; Asafetida; Bergamot; Bunchberry; Caraway; Dill; Fennel; Slippery Elm See Babies/Children
(of certain foods)
See Healthline Dandelion; Dill
= Asarabacca
See Digestion
DIGESTION of FATS See Healthline Fennel; Schizandra See individual herb pages
See Healthline Barley Same as above
DIGESTIVE DISEASES See Healthline Szechuan Pepper-2 See Digestion
DISTENTION See Healthline Anise; Barley; Water Plantain Same as above
FLATULANCE/GAS See Healthline Agar-Agar; Agave; Allspice; Ambrosia; Amomum; Angelica; Angelica, American; Anise; Aquilaria; Artemesia; Asafetida; Ash; Ash, Prickly; Balloon Flower; Bay; Bayberry; Betel Nut; Burdock; Caesar Weed; Calamint; Caraway; Cardamom; Carrot, Wild; Catnip; Chamomile; Chickweed; Clove; Clover, Red; Coriander; Costmary; Cumin; Fennel; Fenugreek; Garlic; Goldenrod, Sweet; Lavender; Lovage; Lovage, Black; Mint; Monarda; Onion; Parsley; Sage; Sage, Purple; Sarsaparilla; Savory; Thistle, Blessed
= Arum; Castor Bean
See Digestion
FOOD POISONING Seek immediate medical help!
or PHONE 1-800-222-1222!!!

See Healthline
Cinnamon (Clostridium botulinum); Coriander (ptomaine); Cranesbill See individual herb pages
FOUL BACTERIA See Healthline Agave Same as above
HEARTBURN See Healthline Almond; Aloe; Angelica; Angelica, American; Apple; Barberry, Common; Betony; Centaury, European; Chamomile; Chicory; Coriander; Dandelion; Walnut, Black See Digestion
INDIGESTION/UPSET STOMACH/DYSPEPSIA See Healthline Adrue; Agave; Agrimony; Alder, American Black; Alder, Tag; Allspice; Amaranth; Angelica; Angelica, European Wild; Angelica lucida; Anise; Apple; Arrowhead; Artemisia; Artichoke; Asafetida; Ash, Chinese; Ash, Prickly; Ashwaganda; Aspen, Quaking; Atractylodes chinensis; Atractylodes lancea; Atractylodes macrocephela; Atractylodes ovata; Avens, Water; Bachelor Button; Balloon Flower; Balmony; Balmony, Indian; Barbate Cyclea; Barley; Basil, Holy; Bay; Bayberry; Bead Tree; Betel Nut; Black Cherry; Bogbean; Boldo; Boneset; Boneset, Asian; Bowman's Root; Bupleurum; Burdock; Burnet, Salad; Butternut (with constipation); Caesar Weed; Calamint; Calamint, Lesser; Canary Island Tea Plant; Caraway; Cardamom; Carrot, Wild; Catnip; Cayenne; Centaury, European; Centipeda; Chamomile; Chicory; Cinnamon; Clove; Cohosh, Blue; Costmary; Cranesbill; Cucumber (children); Dandelion (with constipation); Dill; Fennel; Marshmallow; Mint; Oregano, Greek; Parsley; Pearly Life Everlasting; Sage; Sage, Purple; Shatavari (see Asparagus); Slippery Elm; Stoneroot; Thistle, Blessed; Thyme; Wrinkled Giant Hyssop (see Anise Hyssop); Yarrow
= Alder Buckthorn; Arrowwood; Ash, Mountain; Birthwort, Frail; Black Cohosh; Blackroot (related to liver disease & chronic); Bloodroot; Camphor; Castor Bean; Stargrass
Same as above
INDIGESTION, NERVOUS Same as above Bugleweed; Catnip; Chamomile; Hops Same as above plus Nervous Afflictions
INFECTION, GASTROINTESTINAL See Healthline Agrimony; Avens; Cajuput (stomach); Capers; Plantain; Thyme See Digestion and
Internal Infection
INFECTION, STOMACH Same as above Cajuput; Hops Same as above plus Infection
GASTROENTERITIS/GASTRITIS (stomach lining inflammation)
See Healthline Acacia; Angelica; Ash, Winged Prickly; Atractylodes; Atractylodes macrocephela; Atractylodes ovata; Basil, Holy; Bayberry; Betony; Birch Mushroom; Black Cherry; Caesar Weed; Cat's Claw; Chamomile (stomach); Cinnamon; Clove; Cranesbill; Ginger; Mallow, Purple-rose; Marshmallow; Meadowsweet; Plantain; Stoneroot; Yarrow
= Belladonna; Blue Flag; Butterfly Weed
See Digestion and
IRRITATION (GI tract) Same as above Angelica (stomach); Asafetida (stomach); Avens (stomach); Barley (stomach)
= Ash, Mountain
Same as above
MOTION SICKNESS/SEASICKNESS See Healthline Anise; Basil; Basil, Holy; Ginger; Marjoram, Showy See Motion Sickness
NAUSEA See Healthline Amomum; Anise; Anise Hyssop; Apple; Apricot; Aquilaria; Asparagus; Atractylodes macrocephela; Avens, Water; Balloon Flower; Balm, Lemon; Bamboo, Moso; Basil; Basil, Holy; Bayberry; Bilberry; Boneset, Asian; Bupleurum; Burnet; Calendula; Cardamom; Cardamom, Bastard; Cinnamon; Clove; Coriander; Lavender; Mint; Monarda; Raspberry; Szechuan Pepper-1
= Aconite, Carmichael's; Asthma Weed; Birthwort, Frail; Stargrass
See Nausea
NERVOUS STOMACH See Healthline Balm, Lemon; Clove See Digestion and
Nervous Afflictions
OVERACTIVE DIGESTION See Healthline Chamomile See
PAINFUL DIGESTION/STOMACHACHE See Healthline Anise; Arbutus; Ash, Prickly; Barbate Cyclea; Bay; Bead Tree; Birch, River; Blackberry Lily; Cabbage; Caesar Weed; Calendula; Cardamom, Bastard; Coriander; Dill; Ginger; Petitgrain; Rose; Szechuan Pepper-1; Szechuan Pepper-2
= Ambrosia-2; Anemone; Arnica; Asthma Weed; Belladonna, Japanese-1; Belladonna, Japanese-2; Bloodroot; Camphor
See Digestion
(to assist)
See Healthline Allspice See individual herb pages
RELAXANT, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM See Healthline Chamomile See Digestion
SPASMS/CRAMPS, DIGESTIVE TRACT See Healthline Ambrette; Angelica; Asafetida; Ash, White (stomach); Basil, Holy; Calendula; Caraway; Cayenne; Selfheal;
= Asarabacca (stomach); Bloodroot (stomach); Belladonna; Stargrass
See Cramps, Internal
TUMORS (benign) See Healthline Atractylodes macrocephela; Bay See Tumors, Benign and Tumors
ULCERS/ULCERATIONS, STOMACH See Healthline Agrimony; Alfalfa; Allspice; Aloe; American Ivy; Angelica; Angelica, American; Anise; Apple; Ash, Prickly (indolent); Ash, Prickly Southern; Aspen, Quaking; Astragalus; Bala; Balloon Flower; Balloon Vine; Balmony; Balsam (indolent); Banana; Barberry, Common; Basil, Holy; Bay; Bayberry (indolent); Bead Tree (indolent); Beech, American; Beechdrops; Beggartick, Hairy; Benzoin; Bethroot; Betony; Birch, Silver; Birch Mushroom; Bistort; Blackberry; Black Chebula; Black Cherry; Bletilla; Blueberry (preventative); Borage; Bugleweed; Burdock; Cabbage; Calendula (duodenal/stomach); Candle Nut; Caraway; Carrot, Wild; Cat's Claw; Cayenne; Cedar, True; Celandine; Chamomile; Chickweed; Cleavers; Clover, Red (indolent); Coltsfoot; Comfrey (gastro-intestinal); Coriander; Crampbark (bleeding/peptic); Crampbark (peptic); Elder; Figwort; Licorice; Marshmallow; Meadowsweet; Pilewort (see Amaranth); Plantain; Plantain, Banana; Redroot Pigweed (see Amaranth); Shatavari (see Asparagus); Stoneroot; Thistle, Blessed; Walnut, Black
= Bloodroot; Blue Flag; Butterfly Weed; Castor Bean; Melon, Bitter Indochinese
See Ulcers
VOMITING See Healthline Adder's Tongue; Amomum; Cardamom, Round (see Amomum); Angelica; Anise; Anise Hyssop; Apple; Apricot; Aquilaria; Atractylodes; Balloon Flower; Bamboo, Black; Basil; Basil, Holy; Bilberry; Blackberry; Boneset; Cardamom; Catnip; Chives; Cinnamon; Clove; Coriander; Goldenrod, Sweet; Mint; Monarda; Raspberry; Walnut, Black
= Asarabacca
See Vomiting
VOMITING BLOOD Requires professional medical care.
Same as above
Agrimony; Cattail; Plantain Same as above
VOMITING MUCOUS Same as above Balloon Flower Same as above
WEAK/POOR DIGESTION See Ague-weed; Ash, Prickly; Atractylodes macrocephela; Balmony; Barley; Basil, Holy; Betony; Black Cherry; Burdock; Cinnamon; Ginger (associated with migraines); Plantain See Digestion
A real nasty for which we fortunately have a vaccine. This is an acute, contagious disease caused by the bacillus Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Nature of the disease is inflammation of the upper respiratory tract with the formation of fibrin (false membrane) of the mucous membranes and creation of an exotoxin which acts on the heart and cranial or peripheral nerve cells. More likely to be seen in poorer countries. Absolutely requires professional medical care.
GENERAL See Healthline Alder; Angelica; Ash, American; Asparagus, Chinese; Bay; Cayenne; Lavender; Walnut, Black
= Betel; Bloodroot
See individual herb pages
Obsolete term associated with fluid-retention due to heart failure or kidney disease.
See Edema
Inflammation of the large bowel accompanied by pain, cramps, and diarrhea and caused by a pathogen. Requires professional medical care.
GENERAL See Healthline Agave; Agrimony; Ailanto; Alstonia; Amaranth; Amur Cork Tree; Angostura; Apple; Apricot, Japanese; Arenaria; Artemisia; Asafetida; Asparagus, Chinese; Aspen, Quaking; Aster; Avens; Bael; Bala; Balloon Flower; Balsam of Peru; Balsam Pear; Barberry, Amur; Barberry, Common; Basil, East Indian; Basil, Hoary; Bayberry (typhoid); Bearberry; Beech; Bee Pollen; Benjamin Bush; Betel Nut; Bilberry; Birch, Sweet; Bistort; Blackberry; Black Chebula; Black Cherry; Blueberry; Boat Lily; Boneset, Asian; Brucea (chronic); Bugleweed; Burnet; Caesar Weed; Carrot, Wild; Cattail; Cayenne; Cedar, White; Celosia; Ceylon Spinach; Cinnamon; Comfrey; Coriander; Costmary; Cranesbill; Hops; Pearly Life Everlasting; Pussytoes, Lesser; Pussytoes, Plantain-leaved; Shatavari (see Asparagus); Szechuan Pepper-1 (see Ash, Prickly);Walnut, Black; Water Plantain
= Asthma Weed; Belladonna, Japanese-1; Belladonna, Japanese-2; Birthwort, Frail; Bittersweet, American; Blackroot; Bloodroot; Butterfly Weed; Melon, Bitter Indochinese; Stargrass
See Dysentary
AMOEBIC DYSENTARY Same as above Bala; Brucea; Cajuput
= Ambrosia-2; Asthma Weed
Same as above
BACILLARY DYSENTARY Same as above Ash, Northern-2; Burnet Same as above

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